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Computer Virus Catalog curated by Bas Van De Poel (2014–). Artist interpretations of the greatest viruses from computer history.

TURBO 163 – …I Care Because You Don’t
(via Daniel Calderwood—Graphic Design)

aphex twin

Bring Your Own Beamer Grand Rapids
August 1, 2014 at Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts
More info at byobgr.uica.org

Zaha Hadid. L’invention du parc. Graphite 1984: 77

Here’s an idea to fill that void; we can try our hand at judging design by its content, by the ideas and messages that it attempts to communicate. Imagine design competitions picking winners based solely on the value of what they communicate, instead of how they communicate.Graphic Design and The Next Big Thing by Rudy Vanderlans, Emigre 39

(Source: booksfromthefuture)